The property was originally built for the Burdon family around 1923 and was then known as “Eden Hill House”.

Over time it was the home for various families for the Management of Horden Colliery.

Eventually the building and grounds were passed on to the local authority and then were referred to as Eden Hill Community Centre or Peterlee Community Centre.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & The Duke of Edinburgh visiting us at The Whitehouse in, what was once a community centre, in May 1960 and also visiting Peterlee town centre and also Peterlee new town before driving off to Durham.

It is believed that prior to the visit the external building was grey or beige in colour and to freshen it up for the Royal visit it was painted white, from then on the locals fondly called it ‘The Whitehouse’ and whilst it was never the official name on any deeds or ordinance maps, the whole community knew it as The Whitehouse, which is why the only name it could officially be called was “The Whitehouse”!

See the official Order of Proceedings for Her Majesty’s visit to Peterlee and more importantly, The Whitehouse – Eden Hill House.
Under the Ownership of Durham County Council it was used for various community projects from a Wedding venue, Library, Training and Employment service, Dog training, Art classes and the venue was famous for it’s regular discos in the 70’s & 80’s. It was during this time the locals referred to the community centre as “The Big House”.

Sadly, the building stood neglected and derelict for a number of years between 2010 -2015. Durham County Council wanted the building demolished but the local community objected, petitioned and fought to prevent this from happening and obtained over 500 signatures in their campaign as they believed the building is of historical and social importance.
The original venue when we were handed the keys in May 2018
First Phase of the Renovation
In 2018, local businessman Geoffrey Robson bought the building with the vision of turning it into a hotel and wedding venue. Geoff is a builder by trade and put his heart, soul and job knowledge and expertise into the building.

As Geoff is born and bred in Horden, he had a genuine passion to save the venue and so The Whitehouse officially opened its doors in November 2021.